For employees of a small or medium-sized business, a company sponsored 401(k) plan is the backbone of their investing strategy. So it is essential that these employees receive the best possible guidance on managing their defined contribution 401(k) plan.

SMB sponsored plans that are a good fit for Tidepool have the following characteristics:


$5 million to $10 million in current plan assets


A portion of plan assets held in collective investment trust or other alternative investments

Lost money in any of the past three years
If your company fits any of the above categories, our pooled employer plan will offer a significant improvement over your current plan.
This is because we focus on minimizing the risk of large losses for our Plans, while gaining upside returns based on our unique investing philosophy that involves two main approaches: first, focusing on the “carry trade” that is the primary determinant of asset market growth and second, analyzing flows of funds, cross-border flows and industry flows, that correspond to movements of the ubiquitous carry trade. In this way, we seek to avoid liquidity risks that so often undermine a plan’s value.