Our business was made possible under the Secure 2.0 Act passed by Congress and signed into law on December 29, 2022.

Before the Secure 2.0 Act went into effect, pooled employer plans were possible only for companies that were linked through the same industry group or a control entity. Secure 2.0 expanded the reach of plan pooling, allowing for the first time, employer-sponsored pension plans to participate in a pooled plan even without a trade group affiliation or other logical connection.

Overall, The Secure 2.0 Act contains 92 new provisions to promote savings, boost incentives for businesses, and offer more flexibility to those saving for retirement.  Flexible pooled 401(k) plans significantly help in these goals by allowing for greater cost savings and higher profitability for well managed pooled plans.


Before launching Tidepool our founder, Kevin McBride, was a highly-successful litigation attorney focused on ERISA litigation. As a litigation attorney, McBride always looked out for, and protected, employee and pension groups. In his largest pension litigation victory, McBride won a $42 million pension increase for 574 retired United Airlines Pilots in an appeal to Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp (PBGC). This was the largest pension increase for any employee group in 20 years.

Having seen too many cases where large corporations and investment advisors take advantage of plan participants, McBride saw the opportunity under the Secure 2.0 Act to benefit participants more broadly through a pooled employer plan. This was the genesis of Tidepool Advisors.

McBride is ever and always in the corner of participants and works extremely hard to bring the best pension professionals to the table. This makes Tidepool the pension plan of choice for any independent contractor or SMB employer.

our company


Headquartered in Washington, DC, we offer an enviable working environment for our employees. We value the benefits of constant communication and the passion to succeed for our plans, participants, and ourselves.


We are utterly committed to safeguarding, and growing, the retirement assets of our plans and participants. We are mindful of the importance of preserving and growing capital, and are singularly focused to achieve those goals year over year, in any market environment.


Our mission–the reason we exist–is to provide a safe harbor for 401(k) plans–especially during periods of market volatility. This means offering an investment lineup that can withstand challenging financial markets, while out-performing all others.


  Our vision is to be transparent and ahead of market forces as they evolve;

— to capture gains while avoiding large losses;

— to offer outstanding investment lineups,

— to provide solid information for participants to execute on their preferred options.


Our values are to prioritize transparency, clarity and honesty:

— Make our work open and available to plan participants;

— communicate clearly and effectively;

— diligently and sincerely execute fiduciary requirements to prioritize participants’ rights under ERISA, keeping in mind that each participant and beneficiary is counting on our good work for his or her retirement well-being.